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Cultivar Hospitality

A premium first-class culinary experience from the comfort of your home.

Transport yourself to an authentic culinary journey from the comfort of your home. Based in Miami, Chef Yorman Sanchez delivers the best private chef services, catering to your every need and palate cravings.

Traveling and working in various prestigious restaurants around the US, led Chef Yorman to learn firsthand unique flavor combinations and signature dishes from the country’s best chefs. Working alongside Chef Ismael Mendez, owner of renowned Puerto Rican and Mexican restaurant QuiQui DC, immersed Chef Yorman back to his roots of Latin cuisine, traditions, family recipes, and delicious authentic dishes. Now, he’s taking his experience and high-end cuisine straight to his customers, bringing you the freshest in-season products and creating a fine dining experience straight to your kitchen.

Cultivar Hospitality’s unique experience goes from custom-made catering options to private dinner services, yacht catering, and premium bar services. Whether you are in the mood to celebrate or treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind culinary experience, chef Yorman brings it straight to your home.

Our chef’s passion for food, unique cooking style, and high kitchen standards has steered him to create a diversified menu using only the noblest and carefully curated ingredients. From wagyu tenderloins to more simple but equally delicious empanadas and tequeños. Every dish is based on the cultural and contextual elements suited for each client’s tastes. His recipes have been worked on for hours until each menu item comes out balanced in flavor, appearance, and texture, no matter what menu choice you make.

Whether you want to celebrate a special anniversary, a birthday or treat yourself and your loved ones to a wonderful evening, Cultivar Hospitality is here to deliver an unforgettable experience and ensure your every need is met.

An authentic culinary experience is waiting for you.
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